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Capo Valley Car Show 4/22 Saturday
Posted 3/2/17

Quick reminder about the Capo Valley car show coming up on Sat 4/22.


If you have a vehicle you'd like to register, go to  You can also download more information about it there too.


Note: if you'd like to register, make sure to do so before 4/1.  You can register after, but doing so before will get you a lower reg rate: $30.


Check in is at 6am, starts at 7:30, awards at 10:30, done by 11am.


You can register for one class and one decade, and hence be eligible for two awards.


We are adding a "vintage/classic" category. That is not on the flyer yet, but it is an option when you register.


We will have a dj, food, and vendor booths.


Free for spectators, so if you don't have a car, show up to see the sights!