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Advanced Drama

Advanced Drama

Drama Advanced

UC/CSU 9, 10, 11, 12

Length of Course: Year *Prerequisite


This course offers in-depth theater studies in the areas of theater history, theater and acting genres, and emotional work. Students are expected to have an extensive knowledge of the basics of theater (terms, stage areas, acting guideposts, etc.). Emphasis for this course is placed on intense emotional work, and comfort levels of performance in front of large audiences. Course can be taken more than once for credit.  This class meets the UC/CSU   F-requirement  (VAPA).  It also meets the G- requirement if the student took Drama 1 for the F-requirement.  Fine Arts for HS graduation


*Completion of Drama 1 or teacher approval


Auditions for advanced drama

It is only necessary to audition for Advanced Drama if you are requesting to skip the prerequisite of Drama 1.  Click here for more information about Auditions for Advanced Drama  Please note that video auditions are due in mid May each year.   

If you have already taken Drama 1 or the equivalent at another high school, you can add Advanced Drama onto your schedule without an audition.  

Drama Faculty
Emily Tucker Drama Teacher, Theatre Director