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Who to Contact in Guidance

Christina Migge - Assistant Principal of Guidance

The Assistant Principal who oversees the comprehensive guidance program at CVHS.  This includes School Counselors, student records, transcripts, grades, student scheduling and the academic master schedule.  


School Counselors

The person at CVHS who will partner with you to help advise and guide you academically as well and socially and emotionally throughout high school. This guidance includes choosing classes, monitoring your academic progress, helping you update your four year plan, college planning and application support and helping you manage your social and emotional well-being . Every student will formally meet with their Counselor in person twice a year, once each semester. We encourage you to communicate with your Counselor as needed throughout the year. Each Counselor oversees a group of students assigned via alphabetic order by last name.



Darwin Vega (A-Fi)

Kelly Waugh (Fj-Ld)

Jenn Candelaria (Le-Rn)

Erica Crowell (Ro-Z)

Julie Balhorn (SPED & EL) 


Support Staff 

Jeanette Ordish               Secretary of Guidance 

Debbie Gonzales             Registrar

Debbi Townsend             Guidance Clerk 

Lynne Bell                         Guidance Tech 

Kimberly Cox                    Guidance Tech

Evelyn Abreu                    Bilingual Community Liaison