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To contact Coach Max Pender, please email him at

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Capo Valley Surf Team

Boys and Girls Teams

{Short Board, Long Board & Body Board}

Come be a part of the winning tradition while surfing three days a week.

For more information and registration please contact:

Coach Max Pender:

8th grade Expo

Capistrano Valley Surf Team is a fall semester sport that meets during first period class time, three days a week. (M,W,F)  We have both a boys and girls team with events in Short board, longboard and body board.  Our practices start at 7:30am till 8:50am on most days.  Our contests start at 6:30am till 8:45am.  Our season is finished the week prior to the Thanksgiving break.

Transportation:  We are a small family group that work together to get everyone to and from the beach.  If one parent can take it helps if another can pick up.  We carpool in the group as well.  NO SCHOOL BUSSES

New surfers:  I try to keep all freshmen on the team as long as they can pass the swim and run tests.  I need to make sure that they will be safe in the water.  The growth curve of a freshman is huge when they are surfing three days a week for a year. 

Surf Gear:  all though you do not need your own boards, it highly recommended.  Surf board, (long or short), body board, fins and a wet suit.  We have a team relationship with Rip Curl and get suits at a great price.

Spring semester:  Surfers do not need to take the surf class in the spring but most do.  Some may transfer into other sports or academic classes.  The class is a great opportunity for the athletes to continue to build on their skills from the first semester.  The best surfers continue to surf all year.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Also check out our Surf Team site.

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