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Sophomore Year


•   Pick up annual re-registration packet in August. Check website for dates/times.

•   Attend Sophomore Day during walk-through registration. This is your preferred day.

•     Sign up for the PSAT (pre/practice SAT test) at the activities office. Wait list Only for 10th graders!

      Cost:  approximately $25 per exam – Keep your receipt!

      Dates: PSAT - Wed, October 14, 2016

      Bring to test: Picture ID, two #2 pencils, calculator

   Verify course selection for fall semester. If college-bound, make sure you are meeting the subject A-G admission requirements (see CVHS Curriculum Guide).  Did you make-up/take courses in summer school through CVHS, ACCESS, Pacific Coast High School, Saddleback College, online or ROP?  These will impact your schedule of classes for the fall.  Speak with your advisor or counselor.

   Complete assigned summer work for Accelerated, Honors, or AP classes if required.


    The evening before school begins, check your Student Portal for your class schedule with teachers and classrooms. When you arrive at school on the first day, look for your 1st period class on the posted lists around school and report directly there.  You will be given your schedule at the end of 1st period. . Check your schedule – do you have at least 6 classes?  English?  Math?  Science?  World History?  Electives?

    If you are behind in credits, see your advisor/counselor to sign up for Credit Recovery.

   Watch deadlines for level/drop changes.

   Save samples of your best work for your academic portfolio throughout the year.

   Start or update your log of co-curricular activities for college applications.


    Take the PSAT (practice SAT)  exam. Wait list only!


  The Second Progress Report ends (December).


   Sign up online for SAT subject tests if applicable at College Board.   (See notes under June below.)

   Meet with your advisor/counselor during advisement to review your classes for the spring semester.

   Register and pay for Advanced Placement (AP) examinations online through Total Registration (See link under Quick Links at

​New semester begins.



   Register and pay for Advanced Placement (AP) examinations online through Total Registration (See link under Quick Links at 

   CAHSEE prep classes are available on Saturdays for both English and math tests.


    Take the California High School Exit Exam in March.

    Is a level change necessary? Speak with your teachers and advisor/counselor and meet the deadline for changes.

    Summer school applications are usually available at the end of the month.  If you have failed a class or need to improve a grade, it is wise to sign up early since classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Applications are available online at


    It’s not too early to think about colleges so attend a college fair. The National Association of College Admissions Counselors offers two in our area. See the website: National Association of College Admissions Counselors for more information. Look under Events Calendar.


    Second Progress Reporting period ends (May).  Sign up for summer school if you have a D or F in a class.  Applications are available online at

    Advanced Placement (AP) exams are scheduled throughout the month of May. (Students in AP classes prepare for these subject-oriented exams during the entire school year.)

    Pick challenging classes for your junior year.


   SAT Subject tests are held. While not all colleges require the SAT Subject tests, many competitive schools do. Check with individual schools to determine any specific requirements.

    Update your classes on CSU Mentor

Summer Break

    Visit colleges that you are interested in! Take a tour, talk to students on campus and talk with admission representatives.  Do they have the major you want?

    Possibly take a class at Saddleback College, get an internship, do community service or work at a job in a field that interests you.

    Make up any deficiencies you may have in your graduation or college requirements.

    Practice online for the PSAT, which you should take again in October of your junior year if you are a 4-year college-bound student.

   Complete the assigned summer work for any AP or IB classes you will be taking junior year.

Updated: 08/27/15